I am so pleased Grace Yan is going to be our next Mayor I’ve known Grace for several years and have the highest regard and complete trust in her ability to be Mayor. I’ve seen and experienced the depth of her character in local and global business dealings, Her ethics and professional approach to negotiating has always been respected and trusted. Grace has never wavered from her spoken word and has stayed loyal and true to her commitments Calgary needs new clean blood with fresh ideas, a compassionate, common sense approach, a clear determined open visual clarity to a new start. A young, energetic women with a fresh approach to city Hall. We have chatted many times about her thoughts about City Hall. I am impressed with her common sense approach and logical approach. Her intensity and determination to simplify procedures has always impressed me. Grace decided 2 years ago that she would run for Mayor. I watched closely as she continued her international career in the Real Estate business. I saw her as a devoted mother, business women, negotiator, her depth of character in difficult situations, her attitude towards world issues, ethnic challenges, keeping her word, trust, integrity in business dealings, patience, empathy. Her attitude towards working with the new experienced elected alderman by her side. There will be many new ideas with the new alderman along with the experienced alderman working as a team to “revitalize” our beautiful city. We have a beautiful “revitalized” new City Hall, lets put in “revitalized” people to compliment this beautiful city. We have an opportunity to “revitalize” our city with a strong group of people who will work together along with Calgarians to rebuild our city.
I am honored to support Grace Yan for Mayor I believe she will work well with all the alderman who will “Revitalize” our “Beautiful Calgary”