My vision for Calgary


My vision for Calgary is a safe, liveable city that is highly attractive to young people, families and businesses.

Calgary needs leaders with a clear vision about how to attract people, ideas, innovation and investment. A strong and inspiring leader is needed to take decisive and coordinated action that will enhance the city’s strengths and set it apart from its rivals.

I’m a successful leader, international businesswoman and entrepreneur. My experience has taught me many powerful skills, including how to strongly advocate on behalf of my clients. This experience will serve me well when I’m on your side negotiating with the Provincial and Federal Governments on behalf of this great city.

My focus is to unite Calgarians through our shared desire for success and equality, inclusivity and diversity.  I believe in creating a safe environment for all Calgarians, including senior citizens, at risk youth, our growing urban indigenous community and small businesses. I will ensure that effective support systems work in the interests of those who require assistance. 

I will work closely with first responders to ensure they have the resources needed to ensure our citizens are safe, healthy and protected. 

Calgary deserves leadership that reflects the strength of the community.  Cities are successful when people feel ownership over it.  As we work through these unprecedented times we need to work together to establish a plan for the future. 

This is your city and you deserve a say.  No more closed door meetings.  City Hall needs to regain trust by being transparent and accountable.  I know that I am the leader Calgary needs to recover, rebuild, and lead us to a prosperous future.

I am your relentless advocate today and always.  I support a tax plan that works for everyone. I support businesses, youth, arts, education, innovation, sports, non- profits, and economic development.

It’s time for a change. While the counsellors have done their best, we have seen little action.  Calgarians deserve accountability and actionable results. As Mayor I am committed to mobilizing City Hall to create fiscal responsibility, transparency, and to providing a safe, vibrant, diverse city that is respectful of everyone.



  • Calgary is the best city to live, work, learn, volunteer and play.
  • Calgary is a diverse and innovative city made up of hardworking people who take pride in being resilient during challenging times. We create opportunity from adversity by coming together to share our ideas, innovations and skills. 
  • Bring Calgarians together and unite this great city around a common goal of making this city a safe, welcoming, rewarding community for all.



  • As Mayor, I am committed to collaborating with all communities, including the arts, entertainment, non-profits, developers and redevelopers, indigenous groups, seniors, first responders, cultural and heritage groups and more.
  • I support of mental health initiatives, diversity, inclusivity, and the agencies that champion these critical causes.
  • Now more than ever, business in Calgary needs our support, I will develop a workable tax plan, and create a blueprint for prosperity.
  • I am committed to lowering punitive commercial taxes by selling off under-utilized city assets and driving investment to our city.



  • I exhibit optimism, and I am driven to achieve positive results.. At my core, I am a person who displays integrity and sees the value in collaboration.
  • I am a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur.
  • My parents emigrated from Manila Philippines. I watched them go from poverty to being business owners.  I understand the hopes and dreams that inspire entrepreneurs and support their efforts.
  • My parents taught me that hard work, perseverance, honesty, and integrity pay off.
  • I will be a relentless and passionate advocate for the City of Calgary and the people who make this a great place to call home.



There are clear social, economic, and environmental benefits to shifting users from private vehicles to public transit. Better transit means better mobility and more choices for everyone. For the youth who rely on transit, it’s fundamental to their work and social lives. And for our ageing population it provides mobility and freedom. For commuters, it reduces cost.  Calgary is ready for a public transit system that will help navigate our economic recovery and prepare us for a bright, active future. Transit needs to be placed where it is useful to Calgarians. I support infrastructure projects that make financial sense and help communities grow and prosper.



It is well known that being active is essential in maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. The city must continue to allocate funds and also find new opportunities to develop and create quality recreational and community sport infrastructure. I'm a strong proponent and advocate for modern facilities that will encourage physical activity and have a tangible impact on our society as a whole.  I support an Arena that is iconic and monumental that Calgarians can be excited and proud of.



  • Diversity – The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion defines diversity as a characterization of the individual. It is about the variety of unique dimensions, qualities and characteristics we all possess. There are many ways individuals are ‘diverse’, and that can include race, ethnicity, gender, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, socio-economic status, communication styles, etc. Equity - While diversity captures all the ways people differ or are diverse, equity focuses on addressing differences as a means to achieve parity in policy, process, and outcomes. It goes beyond naming difference to look at how it affects historically marginalized groups by examining power, access and impact. Equity is about creating a level playing field. Inclusion - Think of inclusion as the way diversity and equity come together to truly transform a space. Inclusion is the active, intentional, and continuous process of creating welcoming and accessible spaces that comprehensively address inequities in power and privilege. Inclusive spaces exist where all members of a community are supported to meet their full potential and act as equal agents. It’s common to confuse diversity with but if you haven’t actively built-in equity–that is considered how and why differences exist and how to create a truly level playing field-you might have diversity, but not inclusion.
  • We need to explore how we can do more to stop all hate and racism. A strategy and plan of action of concrete ways which we can play a part in addressing racism and hate speech  while upholding freedom of opinion and expression in collaboration with governments, civil society, the private sector and other partners.  By enhancing global resilience against this insidious phenomenon we can strengthen the bonds of society and build a better world for all.  It begins at local level.