Being the mayor of Calgary is a big responsibility. Now that we are facing difficult times and a recession, the job becomes even more paramount. Whether it was balancing budgets or enabling Calgary to be on a global scale Grace Yan will rise to the occasion. She is level headed, listens patiently and cares deeply about every person living and working in Calgary.

Dr. Ashley Clerk – Owner Bardot Beauty


Grace Yan is an accomplished individual who is passionate about the community in which she lives. She understands very clearly the importance of business development and diversification within the City of Calgary and the importance in making the City sustainable commercially. I believe she will dialogue collaboratively and effectively to bring about efficiencies that are much needed to convey a message that Calgary is open for business and it is a great City with an amazingly effective and efficient workforce in which to do business. Calgary needs a positive change of direction and Grace being a doer, a people person and not afraid to think outside the box can get the job done as Calgary's new Mayor

Grainger Nimmo, Land Developer / Award Winning Builder


I support Grace Yan in her Mayor for Calgary Candidacy because she is a true leader and is mindful of today’s economic challenges. She has shown upstanding citizenship and involvement in supporting the community and supporting businesses and the growth of the economy.

Kent Leong, Owner Melrose Café / Infinite Restaurant Group


If anybody CAN VOTE Grace Yan! For Mayor of Calgary and the People

Marvin Coleman - Former All Star Player Calgary Stampeders


Grace will be the best mayor Calgary has ever had. Her ability is to understand what our city needs and her capability is to deliver! Vote Grace for a better and brighter future

Harvey Edgecombe, International Investor


As Calgary continues to fall on challenging times, the need for integrity and leadership has never been more clear. Grace has a wide range of skills from her professional real estate career as well as being an active member of the community which make her an excellent candidate for this critical role. Whether it's listening to Calgary's constituents, navigating the economic challenges we face, or building a better city for the future, I believe Grace is the leader we need.

Tai Cheung – Retired S & C Director Canadian Pacific Railway


Calgary needs a new approach from our Mayor. Our city needs to attract more business and keep our business and property taxes lower. Grace YAN is a business minded professional who supports our community. Grace understands Calgarians and she has a plan to deal with the all issues ranging from road safety to the unacceptable 30% downtown vacancy. Let’s get Calgary back on track and vote Grace Yan

Rob Vanovermeire – Owner Coldwell Banker Mountain Central


I’m voting for Grace Yan because I believe in her vision for Calgary. I worked with Grace in my Franchise business and always been impressed with Graces level headed approach to very complex issues. She knows what it takes to run a City like Calgary She supports the arts, the environment, recreation, families and businesses and understands that these are the building blocks that make Calgary great. I look forward to seeing her as the next Mayor for Calgary.

Nina Jiang – Partner Black Pearl Bubble Tea


Excited to see a strong, devoted Calgarian women running for office. Our City is ready for change, and Grace Yan will bring the dynamic, thoughtful, and intelligent qualities required!

Shauna Romano1992 Skeleton World Champion / Olympic Trainer Coach


When you can’t find someone to follow you got to lead and the goal isn’t to live forever is to create something that it will

Carlos Sleiman – Master Electrician


Grace Yan so often speaks of Calgary's huge potential for growth and success to become and stay a #1 thriving city in the world and discusses her many strategies for making that happen. Grace has such an impressive history of success that I cannot imagine a better and more dedicated Mayor for Calgary.

Dr. Verna Mackey, Chiropractor


With all of the challenges and struggles we as Calgarians are currently facing . It is is detrimental to have a mayor that WILL focus on positives, small businesses, infrastructure and all areas required, to successfully bring this beautiful City back to what it should be , and once was. Grace Yan is a great choice for a great change!

A strong woman with experience and integrity

Julie Geddes, Business Owner Retired


Grace Yan is known as a community builder and more importantly she places a high degree of importance on supporting and growing local business and talent.

Talha Niazi – Principal Niazi Retail Group


Grace is a wonderful candidate for mayor of Calgary. She is a successful business person and has real life experience that will bring a new and much-needed dynamic to city council. She is what the great city of Calgary needs.

Joel Timms – Owner Time Saver Landscaping


I fully support Grace Yan for Mayor!

Stephen Butt – Owner Avenue Commercial


Seeing the passion Grace has for everything she does, I have no doubt that she will accomplish great things for the city of Calgary

Clement Ho – CEO Calgary Asia Economic Development


Yes! “Grace YAN brings real hope for change for a NEW Calgary!” “Grace YAN Can!” (Rally Chant)

Dr. Alan Chong, Owner Centre for Chiropractic


Grace has always been straight to business as she looks out for her clients best interests. On a personal level, she also took the time to connect with me and those in her network. I'm looking forward to seeing Grace in action by making a change for the future of Calgary.

David Siervo - Business Owner


Democracy is based upon the conviction that there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people

Francesco Rizzuto, Master Stylist


Grace Yan has been an active leader amongst Calgarian professionals supporting economic growth, business development, while providing knowledge and guidance to newcomers. She is a massive supporter of equality, inclusivity and diversity. Calgary will benefit and prosper with enthusiastic Grace Yan as a Mayor.

Tetiana Kacherovska


I am voting for Grace Yan for Mayor of Calgary as I have known Grace for a number of years. The ultimate professional. Always gets the job done!

Claudette Boniface


Grace's dedication to business first will be the reason Calgary makes a turnaround and becoming a world class city.

Jody Hill, Owner Hill Appraisals


From my years of knowing Grace, she’s stood out as an excellent listener who always remembers to put herself in others’ shoes. Her ability to understand problems from multiple angles means that she can advocate for a well-informed perspective. All in all, Grace is a committed and highly driven individual, and I have full confidence that she has the leadership qualities to get things done.

Sandra Lam - Owner T.C. Lam Services Ltd.


I have had ample opportunities in the past few weeks to analyze the aims and objectives of the various competitors in the upcoming Mayor election. Your honest and practical approach sets you apart from the other candidates. You have shown great concern for the residents of the community, and your willingness to listen to people's problems is commendable. I am writing today to show my allegiance and support for you and your campaign. It is my intention to vote for you. I will also spread the word about your abilities and competence. I am confident that Grace Yan will succeed as Mayor of Calgary.

Dr. Seema Basati, B.D.S., D.D.S., GPR, Cert. Endo, FRCD(C)


Best wishes on your candidacy Grace Yan. With your background in bringing women forward into positions of responsibility within the City, you deserve to be given the chance. We all know that the world of the livery companies remains far too dominated by patriarchal ideas, when, if it is to be at all relevant to the 21st century, this has to change and the sooner the better. You will do the City proud.

Ruby Perkins, CEO Dagger Diesel


I am so pleased Grace Yan is going to be our next Mayor I’ve known Grace for several years and have the highest regard and complete trust in her ability to be Mayor. I’ve seen and experienced the depth of her character in local and global business dealings, Her ethics and professional approach to negotiating has always been respected and trusted. Grace has never wavered from her spoken word and has stayed loyal and true to her commitments Calgary needs new clean blood with fresh ideas, a compassionate, common sense approach, a clear determined open visual clarity to a new start. A young, energetic women with a fresh approach to city Hall. We have chatted many times about her thoughts about City Hall. I am impressed with her common sense approach and logical approach. Her intensity and determination to simplify procedures has always impressed me. Grace decided 2 years ago that she would run for Mayor. I watched closely as she continued her international career in the Real Estate business. I saw her as a devoted mother, business women, negotiator, her depth of character in difficult situations, her attitude towards world issues, ethnic challenges, keeping her word, trust, integrity in business dealings, patience, empathy. Her attitude towards working with the new experienced elected alderman by her side. There will be many new ideas with the new alderman along with the experienced alderman working as a team to “revitalize” our beautiful city. We have a beautiful “revitalized” new City Hall, lets put in “revitalized” people to compliment this beautiful city. We have an opportunity to “revitalize” our city with a strong group of people who will work together along with Calgarians to rebuild our city. I am honored to support Grace Yan for Mayor I believe she will work well with all the alderman who will “Revitalize” our “Beautiful Calgary”

Irene Besse - Irene Besse Academy of Music



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